The Education Brief

WALT:  redesign an outdoor learning space.

I learned that the Education Brief is about  changes we can make to some of our different learning spaces

Here is an example of my learning: learning spaces like the hall can get more furniture

Next time I will: use old furniture in my learning spaces


WALT: I can throw a large ball
I learned when you throw your ball make a w with your hands but not touching
Here is an a example of my learning: Mrs Baker put as in to a trio to practice different passes
Next time I will try to throw further

Eilish's Post on Friday, 29 July 2016

Easy Blog Photo
Title: My Snake Mosaic Walt : to create a mosaic picture using pastel and lndian lnk Success criteria: we'll know we've achieved this when ... We have used chalk to break our into pieces Our pastel inside the chalk lines is bold(dark ) Our pastel is tidy around the edges of the chalk Our tropical creature is easily identified and does not blend in with the background we have used colour effectively lndian ink shows our mosaic pieces I learned to break up my snake that I am doing into pieces so I can use pastel to make my picture pop To colour in dark with pastel so the pieces are bright and no white is showing.

Eilish's Post on Friday, 20 May 2016

I learnt how to plant a seed .This is an example of one of the seeds we planted at Oderings yesterday The steps we had to follow were: Soil ,Seeds,them,soil,water I learnt About plants they need water About 3 times a week. I achieved my goal because learnt that it is fun to do learn about plants .